Guard Tour Systems Are Improving Security in Health Care Organizations

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Companies are beginning to shift from manpower to technology in an effort to secure their assets and improve an organization’s physical security strategy. This technology is particularly prevalent in the medical/healthcare industry. Many hospitals are using a wide range of technology solutions, including video management systems and guard tour systems.

Technology solutions allow companies to enhance their security measures and asset management protocols for a reasonable cost. These systems, such as guard tour systems, also provide companies (such as those in the healthcare industry) convenience and relief knowing that their patients, staff and visitors are safe.

How the Systems Are Used

Guard tour systems are great for managing security measures in a healthcare facility, regardless of the size. The technology is perfect for controlling perimeter doors and those throughout the facility. The systems record all types of data including, the user’s identity, date and time of check-in and out. By having a clear and specific way of collecting data, the system ensures adherence to the hospital’s policies and procedures.

The Importance of the Software

The software is also user-friendly and can be accessed by any PC. The software allows for real-time data to be recorded, whether it is the specific status of a part of the facility or alarm functions. Both the system and the software provides the hospital with real-time recorded data on incidents that may occur, which is beneficial for security personnel when filling out and filing accurate incident reports.

The software can be installed in minutes, and is user-friendly enough to require no previous computer experience. The guard tour system package also includes unlimited toll-free technical support for the life of the system at no extra cost, and includes one year of free software upgrades. At PatrolScan, we use only the most durable collection materials that will sustain throughout the life of the device.

How to Contact Us

If you have a business that is in need of updated security measures, then contact us at PatrolScan, the leading guard tour system company in the security industry. We will make sure your assets are secure and protected in all instances, in whatever building you operate, whether it is a healthcare facility or technology company.

For more information on our guard tour systems and software, browse our website or to set up an installation of our systems, please contact 1-800-878-7226. If you already are a client and need some repairs done, please send us an inquiry or email us directly at We will ensure that your company’s assets remain protected and secure for years to come.