Guard Tour System: Maximizing the Safety & Security of Your Buildings

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As a security administrator, it’s your responsibility to ensure your facilities are safe and secure at all times. Informing the members of your team about their specific duties, as well as implementing the best processes and procedures will, in turn, reduce the likelihood of suspicious or criminal activity ever manifesting into anything worse. The protection of staff, customers and visitors must take precedence above all else; or else, a minor issue could turn into a major problem if it’s not resolved as quickly as possible.

If your business is looking for a great way to improve their security measures through innovative technology and security management software, the Guard Tour System from PatrolScan, will help you accomplish your goal! By providing security guards with TouchProbe data collectors and setting up memory chips at designated checkpoints, you can monitor their whereabouts and make sure that every zone has been observed regularly throughout the day. This way, you have the devices and resources you need to confirm that your facilities are protected.

Before PatrolScan put out the Guard Tour System, security administrators had to rely strictly on the trust they placed in each of their security guards. This is, of course, not to say that any members of your team might be doing a poor job of securing the facilities, but it’s useful to know that this software allows you to keep track of exactly where they are while making rounds. Simply put, you’ll having peace of mind in knowing you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s at the end of the day. Being responsible for the security of an entire building is certainly not an easy task; luckily, the Guard Tour System from PatrolScan will make your life easier!

In addition to implementing a more logistical approach towards monitoring the whereabouts of your security guards and making sure you cover all the bases throughout the day, this is also a great software to use while evaluating the success of your current practices. With valuable and timely data regarding the security of your facilities, you can figure out the best ways to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your security measures. Of course, the Guard Tour System from PatrolScan provides immediate advantages; but, it’s important to remember that it’s a very useful tool to have when it comes to discovering ways to make the security of your building even more impenetrable far into the future!