Enhance the Security of Your Campus with an Innovative & Simple to Use Patrol System

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You want to make sure there are no threats to your college or university campus. You have a commitment to your students and campus security is a vital aspect of ensuring safety. In addition to maintaining a safe environment for your students, professors, employees and visitors, implementing a guard tour patrol system comes with many advantages.

While technology is advancing and we’re seeing our campuses monitored by video to strengthen the security, your campus police and security guards must also continue to make their rounds in each building. We all want 100% of our staff and student body to feel secure every time they set foot on our campus.


With patrol software, you can streamline your security operations and make sure there are no hazards or potentially harmful situations that risk the safety of your students.

Each of your security guards and campus police will be issued a unique touch probe product that they will carry with them while patrolling the campus grounds. At each established checkpoint, you will place a chip that will transfer all data to the software in your main security office. You’ll know exactly when the chip was passed and if there were any issues at specific locations of the tour.

Instantly see if a guard has left or found a door ajar, or whether there is an issue in a dormitory. With the amount of traffic your campus sees on a daily basis, from the athletic facilities to the dining hall to the library and admissions offices, you can never be too careful. Use an intelligent system both indoors and outdoors to help reach your security goals.

You can now identify problem areas in your security, or loopholes that cause a breach or vandalism to occur.

The advancements to patrol system equipment include audio and video features. You can now see exactly what your guards are seeing and whether there is a true threat present. A patrol system like this is an ideal solution for new guards going through training, and provides an easy to use device for all personnel. With the amount of data in the software, your guards will learn to conduct their rounds in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Make a conscious effort to protect your campus. With the solutions you’ll see from a guard patrol system, every square foot of your campus will be secure. Working together with the video monitoring you have implemented, there’s no easier way to have your students feeling confident in their safety. Start streamlining your operations and upgrade your software for the upcoming semester.