Electing to Use Security

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In recent months, we’ve seen the successes and failures of security in the national spotlight. Not in the small and medium business settings that we usually think of, where a security tour system is extremely helpful, but in large venues.


With the presidential election coming up, and candidates speaking to rooms filled with thousands of people, both the secret service and venue security have been under increased scrutiny in the public eye. We’ve seen the foibles and victories of the staff tasked with protecting the speakers and the participants in the media news cycle.


It’s no secret; some of these political rallies have had their share of crowd violence. Determining the future leader of the country has a tendency to make tempers flare in hot debate, and occasionally in fists (or elbows).


Times like these are when guards and other staff matter most. Security is a proven deterrent, but is also tasked with handling those unfortunate circumstances that are bound to occur from time to time.


Presidential candidates are guarded by the most effective security force in the country, possibly the world, but the men and women who protect our prospective electees can’t be everywhere at once. That’s where live venue security comes in.


Before the rally, before the load-in, before the tour bus ever pulls in, guard staff is working hard to secure every entrance. They’re checking and double-checking every door to ensure that no one slips through the cracks in an otherwise sound plan.


This is where a product like guard tour software really shines. In preparing for an event, it’s of the utmost importance that each member of a staff hits their marks in a timely and organized fashion.


During the event, staff must work tirelessly keeping an eye on every potential avenue to get close to, or endanger the speaker. This isn’t an easy task as security is outnumbered by rally-goers in astronomical ratios. While it’s impossible to keep an eye on every single person at all times,  proper planning and an effective staff of trained and motivated individuals can significantly reduce the chances of things getting out of hand.


Whether you’re protecting the next President of The United States, or just keeping documents and servers safe, PatrolScan can help you motivate, protect and evaluate the people who keep them safe.