Easily Manage Your University Security Personnel with Guard Tour Systems

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As campus security maintains the utmost importance to colleges around the country, the security officers team up with local police to ensure all buildings and facilities are safe and secure. Moving from building to building through campus, guard tour systems offer a convenient and reliable way for campus administrators to know their guards are on top of their duties.

Your campus security guards will undoubtedly try to take short cuts. They can miss check points, take their time on rounds, and wind up hurting the security on campus rather than helping it. Enter the PatrolScan guard tour system.

You don’t have to be technologically savvy to operate it, and your guards will work harder—and with more efficiency—as they find out how you can track their movement while they’re on duty. Technology is advancing, which means your electronic security system must stay up to date. A guard tour patrol system includes the latest technological innovations, and easy to track software for the proper management.

How easy is it for the guards to use? It’s a simple point and click.

PatrolScan TouchProbe software


What that means is each guard receives a probe that they carry with them. As they pass a checkpoint in their round, they touch the end of the probe to the memory chip mounted at each point. The chips are weather resistant to stand the test of time.

- The chips have a unique ID so it is reported as you pass through, and if you miss your assignment, that is picked up by your supervisor through reporting.

- Video and audio indicators are included.


How about for the administrators and managers? Reporting is a breeze. What specifically can you use the reporting for?

- Personnel evaluations

- Training

- Incidents

- Identify problem areas


What can you see? Through Windows, look at:

- What doors are left open?

- What was completed out of sequence?

- Any checkpoints read multiple times?

- Any checkpoints not programmed?

- Filter for specific building

- Filter for specific guard


Windows Compatible. Track results through Windows, and read concise reporting on all your security personnel. It’s a security management software made easy.  You can train new security personnel, catch any errors through concise reporting, and maximize the efficiency of your guards, keeping the campus safe 365 days of the year.