Benefits of Using a Reliable Guard Tour System for Your Business

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When you’re in the security industry, your job is to keep the building or property safe. While video surveillance will help you keep an eye on the building, security guards must complete their rounds to ensure everything around the property is undisturbed. We know that as technology advances you are able to complete your rounds quicker and more efficiently. We also know that you’re set in your ways, and your security guards are trained to do their jobs a certain way. But, you’ll be able to reap the benefits when transitioning to a reliable system. You’re probably asking yourself what the benefits are of using a product like PatrolScan. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Simplicity. With an advanced security guard tour system, you will be blessed with the simplicity and ease of accurate reports. Our product is a point and click system, so even those who have feared the change due to advanced technology will be able to use it. Our 3-point system uses a TouchProbe that each of your security guards will be able to put on their keychain. As they pass each checkpoint, they simply point the probe at one of the Memory Chips that are placed at each stop. This simple action records the data on your Windows software. Simple for you. Simple for your security guards.

Durability. You need durability and consistency. You can’t keep having to repair your software, losing reports and valuable information. This is especially true when you have outdoor checkpoints. Weather conditions can interrupt your data, but not with PatrolScan. Our chips operate in conditions up to 130 degrees and down to -40 degrees, plus they’re water resistant. Your software won’t falter when using PatrolScan.

Accuracy. Our system is reliable because it is accurate. You can easily track what time your guards have passed a certain checkpoint, which guard it was, and which checkpoint they passed. This is due in part to the unique chip ID we place on each memory chip. You can view and review personnel reports, incident reports, and evaluation reports that are easy to read and compile.

Satisfaction. All of these benefits leave you completely satisfied with your guard tour systems’ performance. Take control of your security personnel by adapting to the times.

When your security patrol software implements the kind of technology and reliable that PatrolScan does, your reporting and tracking has never been easier.