Benefits of Implementing Guard Tour System to Your Shopping Mall

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When you work security at a shopping mall, there is a lot of space to be covered and a lot of doors to check to ensure the safety of every store. Technology has advanced that makes reporting, tracking, and completing rounds in the security process easier and simplified. You can monitor and track your security guards while the video surveillance can watch their progressions, as well as catch any intruders or burglars.

Your guards will enjoy a high level of accessibility and can count on a guard tour system for reliability in their security measures. With such a heavy amount of traffic through the mall, it is imperative that rounds are completed on time and at the appropriate intervals.

A PatrolScan guard tour product will increase the performance of your security personnel, and maintain the safety of your property, inside and out. With the reliable reporting measures, guards will know they have to be diligent in their duties and make sure everything is in order through each and every round.

How does the system improve performance and maintain a secure setting?

The security management distributes a TouchProbe to each employee, and with a customized identification code, the management will be able to determine through the innovative software which guard completed the round and if any errors were made. Errors range from missed checkpoints to multiple reads to time violations to doors left ajar to checkpoints completed out of sequence.

How does the software work?

The reliable chips and probes are weatherproof and tamper-proof to remain durable inside or outside of the building. Your guards walk by the chip at each checkpoint, and once the area is deemed safe, will touch the probe to the chip and move on to the next checkpoint. With an area the size of a shopping mall, you can place the chips on a roof, outside the doors, inside particular stores or in food courts. They are developed to withstand voltage and impact so you can be sure they remain reliable when there is a threat in the mall.

You’ll see increased performance and reliable measures that add peace of mind to your security. Never have to guess where a problem occurred or if your employees are performing up to standard. Let the PatrolScan take your management to the next level. We’ll set up the checkpoints and offer you a free trial so you can see the software in action. You won’t be disappointed.