Be Prepared for Summer with Patrolscan

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With the summer season nearing, you’re probably excited to get outside and spend some free time enjoying that warm fresh air.


Suppose you’re planning a two-week vacation to a tropical beach paradise somewhere in the Caribbean. Or, maybe a relaxing weekend getaway at a serene lakeside cottage is more your style. Either way, you’ve been working hard all year, and you deserve a little break.


But while you’re out there enjoying all that fun in the sun, your security team will need to stick around to make sure your business is protected from intrusion.


It’s a nice feeling knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your building, but the fact of the matter is, summer is the peak season for burglaries, which means your guards need to be on top of their game. And while your security team is probably top-notch, slacking off on the job is prone to occur from time to time—which you cannot afford during the height of burglary season.


Especially when the boss is away at play, the security team might view that as an open invitation to slouch a little bit.


That’s where Patrolscan—your premier patrol tour system—will come in handy.


When it comes to burglaries, many of us say things like “it’ll never happen to me!” but when you have a valuable business to protect, that thought process is just downright reckless. Hiring a security team is a smart step to take, but they can only be effective if they’re actually doing their job properly.


With our effective security guard patrol system you can rest assured knowing that your security team will never sleep on the job again! Sure, vacation is going to be wonderful. But, won’t it be all the better knowing that you have not a thing to worry about when it comes to your business’ safety while you’re away? That’s because your team will be taking every measure possible to protect it.


So here’s to some sunshine, the beach, a cold beer or two and a business that’s safe and sound. Surf’s up, but the burglaries aren’t!