Are Your Security Guards Really “On the Job?”

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One of the most unfortunate things about being a manager is having to check up on your employees. We all want to give the benefit of the doubt as often as we can, because we want to believe people (especially our employees) are trustworthy. Unfortunately, some industries do not permit that kind of fealty.

In the security industry especially, accountability is everything. Security guard turnover is staggering because of the stress that comes with security jobs. Having managers breathe down security guards’ necks doesn’t help matters, either. That’s why subtlety is everything. There are many theories and best practice guidelines security guard managers can follow to ensure their workers are truly performing their duties and meeting their expectations. Here at Patrolscan, we understand that. We know that discretion is everything when it comes to monitoring the activities of employees. We made this list of practical steps security guard managers can take to discreetly enhance the performance of their guards.

  1. Invest in cameras and then make time to sit down and go through the tapes either daily or weekly to ensure your guards hit all of their spots. If you notice they aren’t, approach them about it.
  2. Design a system that will help guards keep an eye on each other. Think of this as a relay race. If you have more than one guard, have them meet one another at a certain point that is in between their territories.
  3. Improve your reporting system. Ask your guards to report on specificities of given areas that would be easy for you to validate or discredit.
  4. Have the guards perform a function when they get to a certain area. For instance, a guard on the 2pm-10pm shift could have the responsibility of opening a door and the guard on who patrols the same area on the 10-6 shift can have the responsibility of closing that door.
  5. Hire a security manager, or two, to oversee the operations of your security staff. Sure, it’s an investment and it will cost money, but at least you can have the solace of knowing that your guards are performing their duties because they are under constant supervision.

Use the methods above to improve your patrol monitoring. If they don’t work, or if you find they’re negatively impacting the morale of your workers, consider investing in a guard tour monitoring system from Patrolscan. More information about our monitoring systems, as well as our contact information, is available on our website. Take a look around!