Analyzing the Impact of Guard Tour Systems in Arenas and Stadiums

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When you’re in charge of ensuring the safety and security of a crowded arena or stadium, you hold a lot of responsibility. Whether it’s a concert, sporting event, circus, or even when there is no event happening, maintaining security is essential. If you want to gain an advantage in your security efforts, update your software and begin to utilize a guard tour to minimize weaknesses and loopholes in your operation.

High-quality software implemented into your patrol system can have a tremendous impact on the safety of your arena. Your officers are regularly patrolling the grounds of the arena, making sure there are no breaches or threats, but having the ability to streamline this process and complete rounds with accountability is crucial for your operations.

How can you make sure your officers are held accountability when you’re not on site?

Even on quiet days when there are no scheduled shows or games, your arena and stadium face plenty of security risks. If you’re stuck using outdated software and techniques, your operations can be exposed. Updating and resolving problems with innovative software can control your exposure, and ensure the venue is kept safe and secure.

When you’re analyzing the performance of a guard tour system, the first thing you’ll notice is its accountability. Your officers can complete their rounds in minimal time, checking every point of the infrastructure with a simple point and touch of their handheld probes. The system comes with audio and video indicators so your officers can complete their rounds, showing you every detail they encountered.

Every round that’s completed sends automated and accurate reports to the security management software that you control. The Windows compatible software you’ll see allows you to stay on top of your security personnel. You can see if checkpoints were missed, if gates and doors were left open or unattended, and the name of the guard on tour.

An additional impact is the avoidance of complications. If you want to retain the security and streamline operations in a safe way, rid yourselves of complications. The new product you’re implementing must be reliable and durable to maintain its performance. Arenas that use an innovative guard tour system will see the product’s resistance to weathering and abrasion. Your officer will record their position so you know where exactly they’re located, and video indicators can display on your software if there is anything wrong at a checkpoint. The ability for management to know which officer completed a round, how long it took, if any aspect was omitted, or if there are problems at an entrance will avoid complications and surprises.

Let’s look at accuracy. Tied together with its accountability and complication avoidance is the accurate and detailed records. You can alert other officers if there is a problem at a specified location, or indicate which areas need more attention. As arenas and stadiums hold tens of thousands of guests on any given night, the importance of accurate reports is never to be overlooked.

Avoid breaches with an upgrade in your security tracking measures. Combining your video surveillance with uniformed guards walking around the venue to complete rounds in person is only as effective as the software. Use an innovative system and watch as your operation becomes more reliable, accountable, and accurate as each day passes.