Advance School Security with Guard Tour Systems

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In recent years, school security has continued to increase and grow as a specialized and unique industry. To keep our students safe and manage any vulnerabilities in their schools, technology has advanced to the point where security rounds can be completed quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

PatrolScan’s guard tour systems are the ideal risk management solutions for security personnel managers because they record incidents, track movements, and streamline record keeping processes.

Avoid threats and disturbances at your school as you see reports in real-time that alert you of violations and missed reads through completed rounds. If a door was left ajar or there are signs of vandalism, managers and principals: You can easily identify problem areas that could be cause for concern.

Utilize Audio & Video Features at Each Checkpoint

Establish checkpoints throughout the school for your guards to complete rounds. Through the security tracking devices, managers are able to determine if there is a threat by seeing what the guards see. As they pass a checkpoint, the audio will be transmitted and video is available to corroborate any story that is told.

Reporting Metrics

The software and technology is advanced to provide customized metrics and reliable reporting. See a summary of each round completed, and filter the reports to see a time, date, and occurrence you’re particularly interested in. Reports are received by plugging the TouchProbe into your Windows device. Once reports and data have been downloaded, you can analyze the metrics to improve resource management and maintenance of your school.

Unlikely to be Compromised

Streamline your security operations through the three-piece product at PatrolScan. With water-resistant products that can be placed anywhere inside or outside the building, maintain the integrity of the school with a trusted security device. The advanced technology provides maximum durability while receiving an accurate measurement for training and progress of your school security personnel.

Focus on security. Provide your guards with the exclusivity needed to guard the building, improving efficiency and helping each and every student feel safe as they enter the doors of your building.

After recent events and school attacks, we can never be too careful in our attempt to keep children safe and secure. Your security guards have the duty to protect your students, eliminating any risks and minimizing security breaches into the school. Turn to PatrolScan to identify any loopholes.