A Renewed View Of Security In 2016

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With the start of 2016 comes the anticipation of the new technologies that will be unveiled or sold to consumers this year. Drones, smartphones, streaming video, security tracking devices and cameras are everywhere now. Just a few short years ago this technology would have been considered a pipe dream; today it’s a reality. With so many advances in technology questions of security often arise. Is the app I’m using safe? Am I being watched through my phone? Through other cameras? Should I use my credit card here? New conveniences and new risks tend to go hand-in-hand.

Physical security is one industry that despite updates and trends is still essentially the same as it has been for more than a century. While some wonder if maintaining a professional security staff is still necessary in the age of low-cost cameras, newer technologies make it more important than ever.

A living breathing staff not only implies to every passerby a sense of safety, it ensures a human response to any and every scenario. When RFID keycards and fingerprints can be counterfeited or copied, security personnel can intimidate intruders and provide an important level of protection, validating employees and working staff. Guard tours still produce the same result they did in 2015, 2014 and 1914; an awareness of an area that can’t be replaced by any machine. Technology works well in tandem with a professional staff but is flawed without one.

As security forces grow and adapt to new challenges and strategies a better overall protection solution is possible if security and technology is implemented jointly. Newer measures, like security management software, can allow personnel to keep an eye on tech and tech can help to monitor personnel. Security services are moving in a bold new direction. Physical security will continue to be the most important piece to maintain the safety and integrity of any building whether open to the public or not. As we move further into 2016 and beyond a physical security staff is still exactly as relevant as it once was.

PatrolScan offers a solution for guard tour systems that makes sense for staff and management. The proprietary software allows users to view when check-ins are made at each point on a tour down to the second. It’s not just one way to keep an eye on security staff, it’s the best way.