6 Tips to Help Improve Your Business’ Security Guard Service

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You worry about thieves, hackers, burglaries, destruction of property and disgruntled, recently-fired employees – you should not have to worry about the people you hired to deal with all these potential threats. That is why you want to hire the best security guard service for the job. They are protecting your interests and livelihood, so hire the ones that align with your values and beliefs and that will go above and beyond to protect your company.


One way to make sure that your guards are completing their daily duties is to install a guard tour system at your business, which will track a guard’s daily progress. Here are some tips to ensure that your security personnel are following your guidelines and that you have done everything right to protect your business.


Tip # 1 – Review the Supervision System for Security Guards


You need a qualified contractor with an adequate security system to supervise your guards thoroughly. A lack of adequate supervision leads to ill-trained and unmotivated security guards, who would rather spend time sleeping or watching their favorite T.V. show on Netflix. Worse, your security staff could start arriving late all the time, or even stealing.


You should have several means of supervision in place, including: Random spot checks using field supervisors, guard check-ins and guard tour systems, like the one at Patrolscan. Your guard tour system by Patrolscan comes with impeccable guard tour software to track all your security guards’ movements while at work.


Tip # 2 – Assess the Training Process for the Guards


Make sure that your guards are being trained according to their responsibilities towards protecting your company. Assess factors such as the location of the training, the person responsible for providing the training, the length of the trainings for each guard and whether you can use post orders for the training. You should make sure that their training addresses every aspect of their responsibilities.


Tip # 3 – Check and Recheck Your Guards’ Qualifications


There are requirements that a person has to meet before they are licensed as a security guard. You should find out what the requirements are for your state and adhere to them when hiring your security guards. Conducting in-depth interviews with each guard before hiring can give you a better idea of their character and qualifications.


Tip # 4 – Inspect Regularly


Check in on your business after hours to see how your security guards are performing. Ask your guards about their duties and make sure they understand what they are doing. You can even go as far as having a third-party security consultant audit your guards. When choosing a third-party consultant make sure that they are not from the same company, so that the results are not biased.


Tip # 5 – Have a Standing Meeting With Your Contractor


Having a standing meeting with your contractor, whether formal or informal, or even by phone, can provide the contractor with up-to-date feedback on your security guards’ performances. This constant feedback will ensure that their performance will improve.  


Tip # 6 – Choose the Right Contractor


This is the tip that makes the most sense, but gets the least attention. You should make sure that your contractor meets your quality assurance program standards. To ensure that a contractor is qualified, assess their ability and past track record. Be sure that you are diligent and efficient when choosing a contractor. As the saying goes, you get what you put in.


To ensure that your security guards are making their checkpoint rounds, install a Patrolscan security guard tour system product at your business. Patrolscan strives to make sure that your company is protected from everything, including your security guards’ fallibility. For more information on our security guard systems and software visit http://www.patrolscan.com/security-products/ and http://www.patrolscan.com/security-software/.