5 Trends Shaping The Security Industry

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Security guards provide an essential function in the grand scheme of any operation. From hospitals to casinos, the service these individuals provide ensures the safety of employees, students, patients, and many others. Though their venues and responsibilities may differ, every security guard is facing certain industry trends that are shaping their collective future.

  1. Specialization – These days, it seems like everything is exclusive and specialized. High school athletes focus on one sport, mechanics either do brakes or change oil, and security guards often specialize in specific areas like schools or hospitals.
  2. Remote Viewing and Monitoring – In efforts to cut costs while still having eyes on their properties, some organizations choose to implement camera systems for off-site personnel to remotely view targeted areas.
  3. Robots – Yes, robots are becoming more and more prevalent in the security world. Right now, robots are used mostly to gather data, but who knows what the future could hold for them?
  4. Digitization –With so much change occurring in the security industry, making and storing records eats up valuable resources like time and space. Today, there are many platforms that allow managers to digitally create and maintain records.
  5. Terrorism – Tragedies happen every day. More often than not, better security could have helped prevent them. The security industry is constantly evolving in a world where the terrifying and seemingly impossible happens on a regular basis.


A reliable security guard checkpoint system can accommodate all of these changes in the security landscape. Guard tour systems like those offered by PatrolScan are well-suited for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. These systems eliminate the need to spend money on things like robots and remote viewing. They also allow guards in uniforms to create real time records and report on their positions. One more thing: Guard monitoring systems serve as preventative measures because they improve efficiency, allowing organizations to allocate more resources to patrolling. For more information, feel free to reach out to us!