5 Tips to Keep Your Security Guards Alert

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Have you been wondering what you can do to keep the security guards at your establishment alert at all times?  Security is an important aspect of any business, so making sure your security personnel remain alert is a priority.  At PatrolScan, we provide guard tour systems for companies that want to increase the integrity of their security measures. Here are five tips that will help keep your security guards alert:

1. Use a guard tour system.

When you install a guard tour system from PatrolScan, you can rest assured that your company is protected.  Instead of wasting time filling out paper reports and forms, you can now use our guard tour patrols system software to monitor all of your security personnel.  When your security team is accountable for all patrols, you can count on a decrease in their sleepiness and an increase in security for everyone on the premises.

2. Try mind exercise.

Let’s face it.  Not every hour of a security guard’s patrol is exciting.  In fact, the work can often be monotonous and filled with downtime.  One great way to stave off sleepiness is to encourage mind activities with your team.  Consider allowing puzzles like Sudoku or maybe even some fast-paced mystery stories.  Another option is to encourage your team to use their five senses to keep their brains alert.  This can be accomplished by focusing on what is seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled.

3. Eat right.

You are what you eat.  Encourage your security personnel to avoid sugary snacks when energy levels dip.  Too much sugar causes drops in blood sugar which ultimately lead to fatigue.  Eating too much will cause the same problems.  Consider having some healthy protein snacks on hand, as well as fresh fruit, if possible.  Encourage your team to eat every couple of hours to maintain balanced energy levels.

4. Invest in blue light.

Studies have confirmed that blue light is associated with elevated levels of alertness.  You might have heard that it’s wise to avoid using electronics before going to sleep, and that’s why.  Consider placing small desk lamps with blue lights on your security personnel’s desks.  The blue bulb will help your security guards stay alert.  At PatrolScan, we recommend investing in some for blue light flashlights, as well.

5. Get moving.

If your security guards need to remain stationary for prolonged periods of time, you should encourage them to stretch and keep blood flowing.  You could even provide a short list of exercises, such as shoulder rolls and foot stomps, which your team can use during periods of sleepiness.

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