5 Things You Might Not Have Known About PatrolScan

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If your business owns a large facility or warehouse, chances are that you have some kind of rotating guard system in place to protect both your employees and your investments. PatrolScan has been a leading provider of guard tour systems for over a decade, allowing business owners to improve their security and safety by keeping guards accountable and ensuring that the entire space is protected.However, PatrolScan offers much more than equipment and peace of mind—read on to learn five reasons why facility and warehouse owners have trusted PatrolScan with their business’s safety since 1993.

The PatrolScan software installs in minutes.

Business owners won’t have to sit around waiting for endless updates or an installation process that takes hours—the PatrolScan system will be up and ready-to-go the day it is installed.

PatrolScan requires no previous technology experience.

Technophobes rejoice! You won’t need to be an expert in any Windows application before getting the PatrolScan system working.

PatrolScan makes training new employees simple.

Don’t think that PatrolScan is just for keeping employees accountable! Many employers choose to use our systems to help show new security personnel the best and most effective ways to tour their facility, recording route and accuracy along the way.

The PatrolScan system issues a unique ID to each security guard.

You’ll never have to wonder about where your employees are at what times. The PatrolScan ID system issues a unique number to each one of your security personnel, and it’s simple to create new IDs for recently hired staff.

PatrolScan systems are resistant to environmental damage.

PatrolScan’s guard tour systems are outfitted with a unique metal outer coating that makes them resistant to damage from the heat and cold.

Are you ready to take the next step in security and invest in a state-of-the-art PatrolScan system? Browse our site to find out how you can order one!