5 Reasons for PatrolScan’s Guard Tour System

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Every moment matters. Security in 2016 is vastly different than it was a decade ago. With a different political climate and a growing number of ways to infiltrate security, it is important to stay on top of the game. As the first line of defense, security guards must have control of the area they are entrusted to keep safe.


You read the newspaper or watch the local news and notice that there are destructive forces in society. It is important to be ready for the day that you see an incident unfold on your guard, rather than just watching it happen elsewhere on the news.


PatrolScan’s quality guard tour systems can help you in taking the next step toward a more secure area. There are five specific reasons why we are a step ahead of the competition with their products.



This system has three key components: TouchProbe, Touch Memory Chips and the guard tour software. The three work seamlessly together to provide you with a secure perimeter. The TouchProbe can be carried around by guards to log the time and date they arrived at their checkpoint. The Touch memory chips each have a unique identification number and are placed at checkpoints to provide accurate reporting. The software reads the information and allows you to generate various reports.



This versatile software allows you to produce a number of reports on building security, fire inspections, exceptions, incidents, personnel, scheduled equipment maintenance and much more. The tracking devices also feature video and audio indicators, allowing you to watch what they recorded.



Our system is built to last. Both the TouchProbe and Touch Memory Chips are water-resistant and constructed with dependable materials — the TouchProbe in a cast metal case and Touch Memory Chips in a stainless steel canister. The Touch Memory Chips are designed to withstand immersion, impact and voltage.



PatrolScan offers a quality system, but also makes it affordable. We make sure that it is priced 50 percent lower than comparable competitive management products. As mentioned earlier, the devices are built to last and endure the harshest of elements. This cuts down on replacement costs.



In addition to our useful product, we provide top-notch support. We are the only security management and guard patrol software company to offer repairs at our state-of-the-art service facility. We provide tech support free of charge for the life of the system and offer free software upgrades for a year.


Make the right choice and keep your security personnel organized. Staying on top of everything is vitally important. Choose our leading system to move toward a safer environment. For more information, you can call us at 1-800-878-SCAN (7226).