3 Ways You Can Keep Your Security Guards Safe

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Security guards have important and sometimes dangerous jobs. Because they face various risks in the workplace, it’s important for them to receive tips that will help them perform their jobs well and remain safe while doing so.

At PatrolScan, we specialize in developing quality guard tour systems and software for clients who want the highest level of protection and security. For the past 13 years, PatrolScan has helped customers find the best products for their needs. We know that you value your security team, so we have three tips that will help you keep them safe on the job. Here they are:

1. Know your environment.

For your security guards to perform optimally, it’s important for them to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Feeling confident with their surroundings will make your guards feel more relaxed in high-pressure situations. This means that they need to know the ins and outs of their patrol area.

One way to ensure that they are comfortable is by having them walk their routes during off-peak hours so that they can familiarize themselves with important doors, exits, stairways or exits. When the workday is not too hectic, ask your security team to take note of any safety hazards or obstructions.

2. Wear appropriate body armor.

Each work situation has its own potential risks and challenges. If your security team happens to work in a high-crime area or a place that has experienced a higher than usual number of armed robberies, then you’ll want to make sure that they are prepared with the right clothing for the job.

Any security personnel who are at risk of gunfire should wear the appropriate body armor at all times. There are many types of body armor available, and each piece of gear is designed for specific threats. Body armor is also rated at different levels, so you can determine what amount is necessary for your specific team. Encourage your security guards to purchase the best gear possible.

3. Check that equipment works properly.

For security personnel, having the right equipment is critical to high performance on the job. For your team to be at the top of their game, they need to use equipment that is free from any sort of damage. For example, nobody on your team should be asked to use a radio that has questionable functionality.

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