3 Ways To Keep Security Guards Alert

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While it’s easy for anyone to feel groggy and drained at work, that feeling hits even harder for those who work security during non-peak hours. Overnight security guards on the “graveyard shift” are in a constant battle of remaining alert when on duty. Along with the help of a guard tour system, these three tips can help keep any security guard alert and attentive:

Stay Loose

Security guards can often find themselves positioned at a desk from every hour they are on the clock. The easiest way to fight off the numerous yawns is by stretching and moving. The more blood flow going to the entire body, the more alert you will feel. Those lucky enough to stretch their legs should always take advantage of just walking for a minute or two.


Exercise Your Mind

Depending on the shift, a security guard’s duties can be very dull. Whenever the freedom is granted, flexing a brain muscle is sure to help anyone feel awake. Brain games like crossword puzzles, Sudoku or riddles can help do the trick.


Be Careful What to Eat and Drink

Sugary drinks and caffeinated sodas may seem like the easiest way to combat feeling tired. However, the sugar-rush doesn’t last nearly as long as you anticipated and the drop in blood sugar will cause even more fatigue. Small snacks every few hours can help your energy level consistent.

The same goes for drinks. Drinking multiple sodas and coffee all shift will just result in shaky jitters, a sugar crash and then topped off with gnarly trips to the bathroom. Do your coworkers and stomach a favor by staying hydrated on waters or teas. A cup of coffee or one soda won’t hurt, but any attempt at overkill will not end well.

At PatrolScan, we hope all security guards are able to remain awake and alert regardless of shift they work. One of the ways we help eliminate laziness amongst security guards is through our guard tour patrol systems. For more information on how we can revolutionize your security, give us a call at 1-800-878-SCAN.