3 Ways PatrolScan Saves Business Owners Money

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As a business owner, you need to protect your investments and facilities from both outside threats and accidents caused by security mismanagement. PatrolScan’s Guard Tour System has been lauded by warehouse and facility managers for over 14 years thanks to its effectiveness at holding security personnel accountable and effective. Thankfully, it’s never been simpler or more affordable to invest in a guard tour system. PatrolScan prides themselves on providing improved security procedural tools to every business, no matter their size or budget. Read on to learn about three recent implementations that PatrolScan has taken to keep their investments affordable.

Unlimited toll-free tech support.

We get it—technology can be difficult. If you are having trouble setting up or troubleshooting your PatrolScan system, you’ll have unlimited access to a team of tech experts that will help keep your system operating smoothly.

Use of sturdy materials.

Nothing is worse than making an investment into your business…only to find it broken by the end of the month due to an accident or regular wear and year. PatrolScan’s Guard Tour System is made using a unique blend of durable material that can withstand everything from an accidental drop to extreme temperatures. You won’t have to worry about replacing your system after a week!

Competitive pricing.

At PatrolScan, we’re devoted to working with every budget and size of business to ensure that everyone gets the security and safety that they need. PatrolScan systems are priced at up to 50% less than comparable management systems in an effort to introduce more and more business owners to their intuitive and easy-to-use system.

Ready to up your security and solidify your team’s peace of mind? Make the call to PatrolScan today at 1-800-878-SCAN or browse our website to get started and learn more!