3 Ways PatrolScan Can Improve Your Private Security Patrol Company

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As a leader in developing state-of-the-art guard tour systems and software, PatrolScan improves private security patrol companies by enhancing the way you manage your security personnel. In fact, we have made it easier for security supervisors and managers to keep track of how well their personnel is performing in the field. Our system can help private security patrol company owners improve other facets of their business outside of security personnel management.

Let’s take a look at three ways PatrolScan can help you improve your private security patrol company.

Improves Employee Accountability

Manipulated or inaccurate manual timesheets are a thing of the past when you upgrade your company to a guard tour patrol system from PatrolScan. Our automated reporting and data management system allows you to see exactly when your guards arrive at a checkpoint, so the chance for manual errors or manipulated data is reduced. With our system, you can dictate who in your personnel has access to certain reports so there is little to no room for the reports to be manipulated. PatrolScan’s guard tour patrol system tracks and measures the performance of your guards which encourages them to perform better and be accountable for their scheduled patrols.

Builds Client Confidence

Being able to show your clients how you measure and track the performance of your guards builds their confidence in your business because it proves to them that you take providing excellent service seriously. Clients will feel more comfortable working with your company over others because they can see first hand how well you are protecting their valuable assets. Showcase how efficient your company is with our advanced reporting software and show your clients that you never cut corners when it comes to providing top-notch protection.

Increases Business Credibility

When your clients are happy and confident in your ability to provide them with excellent security services, they will spread the word which helps to increase your business credibility in the marketplace. Your business’s brand will gain more positive exposure when new clients hear that your company is trustworthy and reliable. Our guard tour system will help you remind your loyal clients why they stick around and reassure them that they made the right decision in choosing your company over your competitors.

For information on how your business can benefit from adding PatrolScan’s guard tour software to your daily operations call 1-800-878-SCAN.