3 Security Tips for Security Guards

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When it comes to security guards, many people think of a mall cop and laugh. However, there are plenty of buildings and organizations that require a high level of security. Most government buildings are accompanied by armed guards and require a higher level of professionalism. Since facing difficult challenges and security risks can occur at any moment, it is important for security guards to always be on alert. These four tips can help all security guards remain safe.

Remain Two Steps Ahead

One of the best ways to remain cool and collected when a situation arises is to know what to do before the situation unfolds. From little things to worst case scenario, a good security guard should always know how he or she will react in the face of a problem. Memorizing the layout of the entire property and knowing where the closest emergency exit is at all times can help anyone remain calm in the face of adversity.


Body Armour May Be Necessary

The work setting you work in may force you to always have body armor on. Companies in big cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles with high rates of crime may require their security guards to always be wearing body armor. While there are plenty of different types of armored protection, making sure the proper protection is used for the environment is very important.


Know Your Limits

While we often hear of the time someone acted heroically and put themselves in harm’s way to save one or multiple people, we don’t always hear about the time action heroic didn’t work. While we’re not telling anyone to not act brave when an emergency occurs, putting yourself in danger as well doesn’t help anyone. Knowing your limits can help limit the number of people in danger.

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