3 Reasons to Use a Guard Tour System at Your Retirement Home

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Are you the building administrator at a local retirement facility? Maybe you’ve recently been promoted and are now in charge of the security systems at your location. If you are in a position to determine how the security is handled, then looking into a guard tour system is an excellent idea.

The guard tour patrol system created by PatrolScan provides the kind of security assistance that you’ll want at your facility. With a guard tour system, your residents and their family members will have the peace of mind required to live without fear. At PatrolScan, we have three reasons why our guard tour systems are an excellent purchase.

1. Simplicity

One of the best reasons to consider a guard tour system for your retirement facility security team is the ease of access. With a PatrolScan guard tour system, your security guards can be tracked and recorded using a simple point and click technology. Each security guard simply directs his probe at the designated checkpoint and has his data recorded on the software.

The PatrolScan guard tour system comes with a TouchProbe that gives each of your employees an identification number. You’ll have access to reports on all of your employees when you need them on Windows software that is easy to use and simple to keep track of.

2. Protection

Anyone with loved ones at a retirement facility knows that protection is important. A guard tour patrol system will decrease the likelihood of unwanted intruders because your personnel will be held accountable for all of their checkpoints and rounds.

Because a guard tour system provides innovative technology that allows you to track your employees, you’ll gain the confidence in your security team that is needed to run a reputable retirement facility.

3. Convenience

Gone are the days of long, detailed security reports that take hours to read and even longer to store. With a PatrolScan guard tour system, all of your security personnel data is stored for easy download. You also have the option to view exception reports, incident reports, and inspection reports, as well. The PatrolScan website offers sample reports for people to view if extra assistance is required.

To learn more about our guard tour systems, call us at 1-800-878-SCAN(7226).