3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’ Security Measures with the Guard Tour System

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You rely on your security team to monitor and protect your business from potential threats. They’re responsible for identifying suspicious or criminal activity and taking the right steps to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. That said, what action is your business taking to monitor the whereabouts of your security guards and improve the efficiency of their watch? Here are three reasons to maximize your business’ security measures in the long run with the Guard Tour System from PatrolScan:   

1. Track and evaluate security personnel. By placing memory chips at each checkpoint, your security guards will be able to use a TouchProbe to record their position while doing rounds. This allows for accurate and reliable reporting. All they have to do is simply walk by each checkpoint and touch the probe to the memory chips, which will register the date and time in which each security guard reached a particular checkpoint. Moreover, TouchProbes are water resistant, designed with cast metal cases with keyrings, and also include visual and audio indicators so that detailed observations can be recorded and retrieved through the guard tour software.

2. Optimize the safety and security of your facilities. As soon as you add this system to your existing security measures, you’ll immediately optimize the protection of your business. By knowing where each member of your security team is at all times, you’ll be able to respond to emergencies more quickly than ever. Plus, with visual and audio indicators, your security guards will be able to promptly record audio or video, which can be downloaded and watched on Windows software. When potential security threats arise, administrators must respond and address issues as quickly as possible; fortunately, both the TouchProbes and memory chips help to make figuring out the whereabouts of each security guard an extremely easy process.

3. Make significant strides in the future. By collecting timely data through the guard tour system, security administrators can closely evaluate all processes and procedures. This way, they can figure out the best ways to improve efficiency and, above all, how to maintain a safer, more protective environment for everyone. It’s never easy–or even accurate–to draw conclusions about the efficiency or effectiveness of a particular program until you have solid data; so, now, your security team can figure out what works and what doesn’t, so they can ensure that they’ve implemented the best possible practices. The only way to get better at anything in the future is by understanding what has been done wrong in the past. With the TouchProbe and memory chips, you’ll enjoy clear, concise reporting to help you make more informed decisions moving forward.

Don’t wait any longer to add the Guard Tour System to your existing security measures, so you can ensure the protection of everyone inside your facilities for many years to come!