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PatrolScan is the state-of-the-art, guard tour software system that generates clear, concise reports to track and evaluate your security personnel. We have been producing advanced products for over 13 years, helping you protect your business and property. The metal case protecting your system allows for optimal performance in even the most extreme temperatures.

You’ll find an easy to use interface that operates with high quality software. With PatrolScan, you’ll be able to make sure your security guards are completing their rounds on time, and if any checkpoints have been missed.

Perfect for any manager that runs a security team, our innovative product is also used for conducting reports on fire inspections, tracking personnel, and managing the security level in your building or corporation. This security management software was developed for your convenience. Now you can stay on top of your entire enterprise, maximizing security with the simple, yet complex PatrolScan security guard tour systems.

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PatrolScan offers more features than any other Guard Tour System.

Leading Guard Tour System Since 1993

PatrolScan Guard Tour System combines the latest in touch memory chip technology with the extremely durable TouchProbe Data Collector and our proprietary Windows based software.

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Why Do You Need It?

Security Guard Checkpoint System

Guard Tour Patrol Systems

Operates on Windows 2000, ME, XP, NT, and WINDOWS 7

  • Installs in minutes
  • User friendly software requires no previous computer experience
  • Is backed by our superior service record
  • Includes unlimited toll free technical support for the life of the system at NO COST!
  • Includes one year of free software upgrades
  • Uses only the most durable collection materials
  • Is priced up to 50% lower than comparable competitive management products
  • Generates valuable and effective information to better run your security operation!


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How does our Guard Tour System Work?

You’ll receive the package and get started in no time. The tour systems come complete with a TouchProbe and memory chip for accurate and reliable reporting. Place a chip at each checkpoint so when a security guard is making the rounds, all they have to do is record their position with the TouchProbe.

The security tracking devices feature video and audio indicators where your patrol guards simply point and click. What they see through their guard tour systems is recorded and can be downloaded to watch or view on your Windows software.

What does PatrolScan offer you?

Our TouchProbe data collector features an innovative management technology, providing you with a unique ID number for each security guard you have employed. You’ll be able to view a detailed report of your security personnel through its operation on Windows software—navigating through specific ID’s, sites, checkpoints, and files.

When you hire a new security guard, the PatrolScan technology affords you the opportunity of training them, recording their accuracy, time, and overall checkpoint performance. When you put your trust in our patrol tour systems, we’ll reward you with all the technical support you need and free upgrades with our warranty.

Features and Benefits

Combining our TouchProbe with the memory chip technology and complementing software offers easy, point and click menus that produce timely and valuable reports, including:

  • Exception Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Personnel Reports
  • Scheduled Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Reports

View our sample reports and learn how easy it is to maintain an effective security operation.

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